Hello fans, Brian Jones here with a quick blurb about me for those that haven't experienced the tones the jones can bring .  I grew up in small town Rolla MO where I ended up graduating from UMR w/ a degree in Mechanical Engineering , later on I grabbed an MBA from Baker University .  I've lived the corporate world cubical life for way too many years as an engineer , now have taken on a technical sales position where I have been able to leave the desk where it belongs , at the office.  Over the years , music has allowed me to keep my sanity in check.

I picked up the guitar my senior year of high school and haven't put it down yet .  For a couple years it was Margarittaville and Brown Eyed Girl over and over , now I cover a little bit of everything (~1000 songs) and my love for all music continues to keep me challenged and committed to continue the journey .  Biggest musical influences include the likes of Jimmy Buffett , The Eagles , Johnny Cash , Willie Nelson , Tom Petty , Matchbox 20 , Counting Crows , Pearl Jam , Garth Brooks , The Allman Brothers , Eric Clapton , Dave Matthews , The Rolling Stones , The Beatles , James Taylor , and Coldplay to name just a few .  I have headed up a couple bands over the years, with the opportunity to open for Goldfinger at the height of my band days .  Now days it is mainly solo acoustic acts , covering just about every artist along w/ throwing in some occasional originals every now & then .  I've also been known to bring in additional guest musicians to join me from time to time .  I learned early in life that music is truly the universal language that just about anyone can appreciate and I love to share it with others .

I have been also blessed on the home front , married to an amazing wife that has put up w/ sharing my time with my guitar over the years .  We also have a couple kiddos that are growing up faster than I could ever imagine .  Just blink and tomorrow is yesterday so grab a piece of what you love and enjoy every minute of it whenever possible .

I will have to say , the recent years have been interesting to say the least w/ covid & all , but I think we all can appreciate coming together for live music just a little bit more as a result .  KC has a great live music scene & very much enjoy hitting many spots in the metro on a fairly regular basis.  Hope to continue bringing people back together in the name of live music and good times. 

Thanks for checking out my site and I very much look forward to playing your requests in the near future .  Check out my upcoming show schedule , will try to keep that up to date for ya'll .  feel free to drop me a note anytime .  Cheers !